My so called story

This 28 year old from Malmö decided after some 5 years of working as a logistics manager, as well as a number of years part time in the Swedish National Guard, to persue game deveolpment. I had enjoyed playing games since 3 years of age, starting out on NES and working my way towards future consoles and PC gaming. Despite this my interest for the development side of things only came to pass after I realised there truly were more to it than just coding and level designing.

I spent my 3 years in senior high school studying music and because of this,
at age 26, decided to apply to composition for games at Skövde University as well as Sound design. As fate would have it I got accepted to the latter program and shortly realised that this was my new passion. It was practical and hands on with endless creative ways to go about creating sounds. 
(it also helped that I didn't have to study music theory for 3 years, again).

During my time at university I've had the chance to create 2 game projects as part of the school's game project studies. During these projects, as well as during my spare time, I've learned how to utilize Unity for bothg 2D and 3D projects. During my second year I was recruited by a student at TGA to create sound for their projects which ended up happening three times. 
This gave me a chance to work with an in-house developed game engine where we slowly implemented more and more support for Fmod as each project was undertaken.
Lately I've started learning Unreal Engine 5 as well as Wwise in my spare time.

Although my main focus has been audio for games, I've had the chance to learn how to do audio work for linear formats, trailers specifically, including surround mixes, industry mixing standards (LUFS-standards) and field recording to complement my design work.

Other Qualifications

  • Cambridge certificate of advanced English
  • Basic C# implementation for middleware
  • Basic Blueprints implementation for middleware

Primary Software Experience


Advanced experience, main tool for both designing and editing audio. Experienced in integration to fmod workflow.  


2 year experience and a number of smaller projects developed in Unity.


Used for all past projects. Integration experience with Unity & Unreal.


Familiar with most aspects of UE5, primarily fmod integration with some MetaSounds experience.