Past Projects

Reels & Overview

Sound design rework to challenge myself to recreate some of the most iconic sounds in cinema history

Trailer for Boulogner, nominated for Skövde Academic Game Award 2023, shown of at Sweden Game Conference. All editing, music and sound design made by me.

Sound design overview of my work up until early 2023

A showreel I remade the sounds for. Animation credit goes to Haydn Cooper

Re-dub of the Echo vs Jinx scene from the Netflix series Arcane.

Game Projects

I was given the great opportunity to collaberate whith students at The Game Assembly on 3 projects while studying full time at Skövde University.
This helped me evolve beyond what I learned from school assignements and also taught me
to handle multiple projects simultaneously.
All trailer sound design was made by me alone and were created before all sounds were
implemented in game. This meant emulating gameplay while making a linear production.

TGA Collab


The magnum opus of my TGA collaboration. The scope of this game was larger than any of the previous projects I had worked and the amount of sounds created reflected that.

My philosophy was to create vibrant and styalized sfx rather than hyper-realistic ones while trying to maintain a clear connection to the visual elements and give the appropriate audio feedback. 

The substantial enemy variety led to the need for the creature effects to bring character to the enemies and make them stand out from one another. This would allow the player to undertstand what enemy type was spawning into the world and allow them to adjust their play style accordingly.
I was responsible for about 90% of all sounds.

TGA Collab


My second project with TGA. Inspired by Max Payne, this 3rd person shooter forced me to learn how to design and and manipulate audio events during bullet time instances which could be triggered at any time. 

The player's weapon abilities were based on blood which led to some very fun and interesting design choices involving a lot of fruit and vegetables in combination with traditional fire arms.
I was responsible for all sound design except for the ambience.

TGA Collab

Egar's Rage

My first collab with TGA, Egar's Rage is a diablo inspired action role playing game. This was the first time I got to direct voice acting and perform some myself which was an incredibly fun and rewarding experience. The soundscape was designed to reflect the norse mythology inspired fantasy setting with plenty of creature effects and magical abilities.
I was mainly responsible for player, enemy, cinematics and boss sound design as well as voice over.

Skövde University


My first 3D-project at Skövde University. The audio design guidline that we set for Mindless was to intertwine the music with the rest of the soundscape. That meant adding subtle musical ques in checkpoints, pick ups, world ambience etc as well as baking some atonal drones and scatter effects in the music tracks.

I also got to do all the audio implementation myself.